Minix NEO K1: What You Need To Know

We’ve all got that tendency to lay back on our reclining chairs in the office or at home, specially when we feel so stressed and pressured with all the deadlines we have to meet. When this happens, productivity or what ever we are doing on the PC will be left unattended. That doesn’t need to happen, you can be productive while relaxing your back on that soft reclining chair you call throne with the help of Minix NEO K1.

Out of the box, the NEO K1 comes with a USB cord for charging and a User Manual. It is a fully-functional wireless keyboard and mouse that will fit perfectly on the palm of your hands. It’s only 5.5 inches in length and 4-inches in width, and weighs lighter than your average smartphone. The curved edges will sit perfectly on your palms when you’re using it. It’s just like a PlayStation 4 controller but a tad more smaller and slimmer.

Everything you need from a wired keyboard and mouse are in the NEO K1. Every keys are within the reach of your thumbs, and its touch pad is systematically located just above the F-keys for easy access. The touch pad has ample space, enough for the thumb or index finger to glide when moving the mouse cursor. Just like other devices that sport a touch pad, the NEO K1’s touch pad can also double as a right and left mouse button. A single tap with your index finger or thumb enables the left mouse button function and a tap with two fingers for the right mouse button function.

When it comes to mouse sensitivity, we can all agree that we have our own preferred speed, fortunately, the touch pad sensitivity of the NEO K1 can be changed on the fly with the use of the Fn key and Space Bar. Just check the sensitivity whenever you change it, just to be sure if it’s already okay for your taste.

If you’re the type who keeps on tapping the touchpad accidentally when you’re gliding your fingers on it, then you’ll be glad to know that the NEO K1’s tap functions can be disabled just by holding the FN key and pressing F8. When you opt to disable these functions, the touch pad will just act as a cursor glider.

There are right and left mouse buttons near the touchpad and at the left edge of the NEO K1, so when you disable the tap functions of the touch pad, you’ll still have buttons with the same functions.

Up top is the On and Off slider, and USB port for charging. Once the NEO K1 is turned on, the left LED indicator just below the Multimedia keys will light up. The three LED indicators will tell you the battery and pairing status of the NEO K1.

At the back are some basic information about the NEO K1’s operating and input voltage, there is also a compartment just above these texts that houses its receiver.

The NEO K1 is a plug-and-play device, however if it has suddenly lost its pairing connection, its orange LED indicator will start flashing. You’ll have to re-pair it by pressing and holding F1 while the keyboard is turned off and the receiver is pulled off from your computer’s USB port. Then, power On the keyboard and release F1 immediately. Insert the USB receiver to your computer’s USB port, if pairing is successful, the orange LED indicator will stop flashing and the blue LED will stay illuminated.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re that person who loves to straighten your back on a reclining chair and relax, but still wants to be productive while you’re at it, then the NEO K1 might be the new best bud for your productive yet relaxing days in the office or  just at home.