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We don’t just provide the technology,
we share them.

Ubertech is a leading distributor of high-quality computer components and networking products, including processors, motherboards, gaming GPUs, peripherals, and NAS. With a commitment to excellence and a diverse product portfolio, we strive to provide top-notch solutions to our customers in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Ubertech Incorporated began its venture in computer industry in 1999, and since then, new trends and breakthroughs have been introduced, benchmarked and acclaimed by the local market and apparently, Ubertech became one of the leading computer distributors in the local industry.

Decade of Expansion and Growth

Our brands and capability have reached every region that sought high-quality yet cost efficient computer and peripheral products. Through more than 20 years of dedication to technology and value, we believed we have set our name as an institution in the computer industry. Our consistent and reliable products, substantial partners and strengthen organization made Ubertech, Inc. reached each and every objective we have positioned.

Ubertech don’t just provide the technology, we share them.

Our Purpose

We desire to create a market that responds with innovation – that induces us to offer what is needed to be presented and introduced. Setting exceptional benchmarks has been Ubertech’s primary principle. We are distinguished as a company that absolutely dedicated to providing affordable and excellent products from desktop computers down to peripherals and accessories.