Sapphire News

SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 FURY Technical Overview

Today’s debut of the SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 FURY is the company’s second take on the AMD Radeon R9 FURY following last year’s release of the Tri-X variant. Of course, there are several R9 FURY-based cards on the market — the very same SAPPHIRE Tri-X among them — which are highly competitive with GeForce GTX 980 accelerators […]

Synology Latest News

Synology Visual Station

VS360HD Ultra compact PC-less live view and playback solution           Paired with any Synology NVR server, VisualStation VS360HD, a video decoder, allows you to create an amazingly compact monitoring and playback station for your local teams —without a computer. VS360HD is ideal for deployments in harsh environments and where space is […]

Minix News

Minix Android PC ( All-in-One )

In this era of technology; the demand for new gadgets are rising and as well as the expectations of the users. For the usual internet browsing  and social media, entertainment ( Movies, Games, Music, Karaoke ), daily office and school works: Technology is always in tack. With this, Minix delevoped something out of the ordinary. […]

Corsair Product News

Corsair Gaming “NEW” Logo

Corsair introduces it’s new Brand Logo for their Corsair Gaming Line; including the keyboards, mouse, headsets and mouse mats. From the original Sail Logo, Corsair Gaming created an all new image; improved engineering, better gaming! Here’s a brief visual introduction:

Emaxx Latest News

EMX-IH81LT-iCafe, The Latest Intel Socket 1150 from Emaxx

Emaxx, one of the leaders in PC Motherboards launches the newEMX-IH81LT-iCafe – Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, Pentium™, Celeron® | Intel® H81 Chipset The latest motherboard boast these specifications. Key Features• Support for Intel HASWELL LGA1150 interface i3 / i5 / i7 series processors 4th-generation Core series processors• Support 22nm Haswell QC/ DC Series CPU• Support CPU power […]

Synology Latest News

Synology Diskstation DS415play

Synology DiskStation DS415play, a four-bay NAS server designed for home users to centralize their high-quality videos, photos, and music in one place and featuring Full HD video transcoding. Powered by the hardware accelerated transcoding engine, Synology DS415play features 1080p Full HD video transcoding on the fly, allowing users to convert their media files to supported […]

WD Latest News

The All New WD Velociraptor

The new Velociraptor is actually a 2.5-inch hard drive fitted in a heatsink and an additional SATA adapter to attain the 3.5-inch standard. The heatsink dissipates heat that is generated by the hard drive due to its super-fast spindle speed of 10000 RPM, faster than the now common 7200 RPM.  Velociraptors carry SATA 6Gbps interface.